Our hydrocarbon trading business is backed by strong alliances with international operators and traders, supported by our own shipping business, and our network of trusted agents and quality underwriters.

We aim to participate in the whole energy life cycle to drive tangible and sustainable value, from extraction, production and operations to trading and shipping crude and refined products. We aim to drive good practice, within our organisation and with those with whom we work. We aim to drive innovation, respectful of the planet’s boundaries.

Vaasa Oil holds a majority interest in Petrodelta Plus Oil Limited incorporated in Nigeria. Petrodelta underpins Vaasa’s interests in its relevant sectors in Nigeria including its commitment to supporting the development of those sectors in Nigeria for the benefit of local communities and the national economic interests.

The group’s current focus is the trading of hydrocarbon products in parallel with the development of our shipping business, while moving ahead with production and exploration opportunities internationally.

Vaasa is characterised by the highest levels of security, integrity and process control when handling products and managing services. We do this with robust yet profitable international alliances.

Our People

A flat and meritocratic structure embracing diversity and empowering our people to deliver results safely and effectively.

Our Ethos

We believe our treatment of our own people and those we work with is those we work with pivotal to our success. Fairness and integrity underpin our business.

Vaasa is exploring additional opportunities in Africa and South America to expand its activities for lower cost and lower carbon projects. The International Energy Agency predicts that global demand for oil and gas will increase, with oil demand alone expanding by 3.3 million bpd in 2022. Vaasa wants to have a significant role to play in that expansion.

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